Split(2) Window Seat

 Same image as previous post but with split toning as Red Shadows and Cyan Highlights.


Split Window Seat

 Another image captured at Montacute House on one of the stairways. Converted to B&W (RGB) and split toned using colour balance adjustment layer in CS5 – yellow highlights/red shadows.

A Step To Far?

I was out and about in Bath, UK yesterday and looked for the

steps off Walcott street that Tony Cooper mentioned in his

presentation at Crown Monochrome.

Here is my take on it. Also inspired by Andy Beel’s recent post

“Walkers with dominance, balance and….”

The Great Hall

Captured from the hip whilst visiting Montacute House in Somerset, UK!

I have cropped this image to emphasise the feeling of depth you get when in this elongated Great Hall. The vectors created by the textures in the matting on the floor, the lone small figure in front of the end window, the bench in the middle ground and the body to the left all enhance the depth. The woman leaning out of the frame adds a tension, or is it distraction?

Hello world!

Hello World ,

This is my first ever Blog and Blog experience, so I’m still learning.

I’ve created this Blog to conveniently share my thoughts and comments on some of my images which for me are experimental – a stage in my development to work out of my comfort zone. To invite feedback and comments that will help me develop other styles and learn new techniques. My comfort zone and passion is with landscape photography and examples of this can be found on My Flickr site at http://www.flickr.com/photos/peter_phillips_photos/ .

So here goes and looking forward to your comments on my postings.