St. Davids, Pembrokshire, Wales, U.K.

Here are a series of image that I made recently whilst on a family holiday in St. Davids, Pembrokshire. Had a cottage just around the corner from the Cathedral and so it was an opprotunity to study the possible compositions ans catch the light at the best time. The best time was not at sunrise or sunset as during these phases the cathedral is in shadow during August. So it presented an interesting challenge to capture images in strong contrasting light._MG_4337-HDR _MG_4343-HDR _MG_4350-HDR _MG_4357-HDR-2 _MG_4372-HDR _MG_4382-HDR _MG_4403-HDR _MG_4409-HDR _MG_4471 _MG_4471